Adjusting the Meaning

This month we took on a new client in a field we have not yet branched into, chiropractic medicine. Up until now we have been dealing mostly with small business that are looking to branch themselves out and gain more clients. This contract was different though. Instead of relying heavily on info-graphics and the like, we had to extend ourselves into research that didn't easily lend itself to being found. Our search for the correct information lead us to this post.

Isn't it funny these days how we are surrounded by information and yet most of which is completely made up. We're all guilty of it to some extent. Whether we passed on information that wasn't properly fact checked or we were blatantly ignorant to the facts because we were lazy. Either way, it has to stop. 

As we began our search for articles and information, we found many good ones, most of which were fake. The truly great ones were hidden behind walls of academia and shrouded with language that no one except those writing could understand. It was frustrating to say the least.

Together we are going to begin working with our existing clients to remove the red tape that exists between fact and accessibility. Starting in August, we are going to start featuring articles re-written by our clients that offer great information. 

We hope this helps everyone by spreading the truth above the noise that is today's societal norm.

-Jerry Lynn